Progress of Precision Engineering and Nano Technology

Volume 339

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Feng Guo, Ji Cheng Bai, Guan Qun Deng, Ze Sheng Lu

Abstract: Advanced engineering ceramics are more and more widely employed in modern industries because of their excellent mechanical properties such...

Authors: Sandy To, Chi Fai Cheung, Su Juan Wang, Wing Bun Lee

Abstract: Optical communication is gaining popularity in telecommunications; most obviously evident is the increase in demand for a large variety of...

Authors: L.G. Chen, L.N. Sun, Y.X. Liu, H.X. Wang

Abstract: Molecular techniques are transforming our understanding of cellular function and disease. However, accurate molecular analysis methods will...

Authors: Shi Chun Di, R.N. Huang, Guan Xin Chi, W.S. Zhao

Abstract: A new Micro-WEDM machine is developed in this paper. Therefore, experiment can be done on this machine. Especially, the surface...

Authors: Zhong Ning Guo, F.Z. Zeng, G.H. Han, Zhi Gang Huang

Abstract: A new method for on-line fabrication of micro tool-electrodes is presented in this paper. The method is base on the machining mechanism of...

Authors: J.F. He, H.Z. Jiang, D.C. Cong, Zheng Mao Ye, Jun Wei Han

Abstract: Based on extensive study on literatures of control of parallel manipulators and serial manipulators, control strategies such as computed...

Authors: D.B. Kang, S.M. Son, J.H. Ahn

Abstract: A workpiece with a large surface area is likely to be uneven due to form error and waviness. These geometric disturbances can cause...

Authors: J.H. Lee, Wei Wang, Sung Hwan Kweon, Young Shin Kim, Young Moon Lee, Seung Han Yang

Abstract: The procedure of structural design on miniaturized machine tool (mMT) is proposed and structural optimization by applying robustness...

Authors: Xiao Hai Li, Zhen Long Wang, W.S. Zhao, Fu Qiang Hu

Abstract: This research work aims to explore the feasibility of applying electrochemical machining (ECM) to micromachining. An experimental setup for...

Authors: Xiang Yang Liu, D.W. Yu, X.J. Cai, H. Huang

Abstract: A feeding table system is set up to meet the need for high motional precision and super-slow speed in micro-electron discharge machining...


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