Progress of Precision Engineering and Nano Technology

Volume 339

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: N. Mishima

Abstract: As has been demonstrated in the “microfactory” which is a miniature manufacturing system proposed by the author’s research group, small...

Authors: Min Qiang Pan, Yong Tang, Long Sheng Lu, Zhen Ping Wan, X.K. Liu, Xiao Qing Liu

Abstract: A passive microstructured mixer based on micro-ploughing technology with a multi-tooth tool is proposed. The mixer uses multiple...

Authors: S.J. Park, S.G. Chung, Hae Do Jeong

Abstract: In this paper, a new replication technique for 1D, 2D, and 3D microstructure was introduced, in which a master pattern was made of...

Authors: Y.J. Tang, Zhen Long Wang, Q. Hu, W.S. Zhao

Abstract: A miniaturized Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM) device based on ultrasonic motor has been developed to machine micro-holes in narrow...

Authors: Zhen Long Wang, Bao Guo Zhu

Abstract: According to the present situation of microelectrode machining, the fabrication technology of microelectrode is put forward by the method...

Authors: L.J. Li, Fei Hu Zhang, S. Dong

Abstract: The roughness and profiles accuracy of aspheric surface are two key factors affecting the resolution and other characteristics of optical...

Authors: Xiao Feng Zhang, Bin Lin

Abstract: The load capacity and stiffness of the aerostatic rectangular guideways, which apply annular orifice restrictor and porous restrictor...

Authors: Xiao Quan Zhang, L. Tian

Abstract: Micro Air Vehicles (MAVs) are catching more and more attentions for their broad application in civilian and military fields. Since the...

Authors: Qing Liang Zhao, Ekkard Brinksmeier, Otmann Riemer, Kai Rickens

Abstract: In this paper, a novel conditioning technique features using copper bonded diamond grinding wheels of 91μm grain size assisted with ELID...

Authors: L. Zhou, Ying Xue Yao, Shahjada Ahmed Pahlovy

Abstract: In material nanoindentation hardness testing, the hardness will decrease with the indentation depth or peak load increase, i.e. indentation...


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