The Production and Performance Estimation of Dunnage for Transportation of a Steel Roll Coil


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The common transportation methods for the consumers of the ironwork such as the steel roll coils manufactured from the steelworks were either by the land transportation or the sea transportation. In order to transport the steel roll coil effectively and safely to the destination, the stability of the steel roll coil which induced the minimum movements during the transportation was strongly required. The basic transportation equipment for the steel roll coil such as the dunnage is made of 100% imported wood known as the apitong. However, the material characteristic such as the rigidity has caused permanent damages to the steel roll coil and the damaged steel roll coils were not easily restorable thus they were unsuitable for other purposes. Therefore, the introduction of new materials manufacturing dunnages which would have a good recovery performance and thus enable the damage prevention or reduction to the steel roll coil or any other products during the transportation is needed. This investigation was to develop the new and improved type of a dunnage from observing the current dunnage in the following areas; the array or the types of reinforcements that established the construction of the dunnage, the dunnage forming shapes of a rectangle and a trapezoid, the direct impacts to dunnage in the presence of vibration when the carrier was moving and stopping, and the critical impact to the dunnage due to the edge loading. Ultimately, the development of new type of dunnage that consisted of characteristics being soft and recoverable than the existing apitong dunnage and induces little or no damages to the steel roll coils are required.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 340-341)

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N. Ohno and T. Uehara




L. K. Kwac et al., "The Production and Performance Estimation of Dunnage for Transportation of a Steel Roll Coil", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 340-341, pp. 1363-1368, 2007

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June 2007




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