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Authors: Young Won Chang
Abstract:An internal variable theory has been proposed to account for the essential microstructures during inelastic deformation. The framework of...
Authors: Han Qing Jiang, Keh Chih Hwang, Young Huang
Abstract:It is commonly believed that continuum mechanics theories may not be applied at the nanoscale due to the discrete nature of atoms. We...
Authors: David L. McDowell, Hae Jin Choi, Jitesh Panchal, Ryan Austin, Janet Allen, Farrokh Mistree
Abstract:Design has traditionally involved selecting a suitable material for a given application. A materials design revolution is underway in which...
Authors: Alan Needleman, E. Van der Giessen, Vikram Deshpande
Authors: Yoji Shibutani, Tomohito Tsuru
Abstract:The present paper summarizes the crystallographic dependence of the displacement burst behavior observed in nanoindentation using two single...
Authors: Viggo Tvergaard
Abstract:Cavitation instabilities have been predicted for a single void in a ductile metal stressed under high triaxiality conditions. In experiments...
Authors: Kwang Seok Lee, Won Kyu Bang, Tae Kwon Ha, Sang Ho Ahn, Young Won Chang
Abstract:The formability of a Zr41.2Ti13.8Cu12.5Ni10Be22.5 bulk metallic glass has been investigated in the present study in relation to the heating...
Authors: Feng Huan Sha, Long Mao Zhao, Gui Tong Yang
Abstract:The dynamic buckling caused by propagation of a stress wave in single-wall carbon nanotube subjected to impact torque is investigated. The...
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