In Vitro Chondrocyte Culture Using Hydrophilized PLLA Scaffold in Bioreactor System


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Nonporous PLLA film and porous PLLA scaffolds were prepared and then grafted with acrylic acid (AA) using in situ direct plasma treatment to obtain PLLA-g-PAA. Chondrocytes isolated from rabbit knee articular cartilages were cultivated in Dulbecco’s modified eagle medium- F12 (DMEM-F12) containing 10% fetal bovine serum (FBS) and 1% antibiotics and passaged twice before cell seeding. Once seeded on either PLLA films or scaffolds, they were placed in a bioreactor system and an intermittent hydrodynamic pressure (IHP) was applied in 3 bars, while turned on for 2 min and off for 28 min during 15-day culture. AA grafting to PLLA surface was confirmed from various surface analyses. From WST-1 assay, chondrocyte proliferation was significantly improved with dynamic IHP for PLLA and PLLA-g-PAA scaffolds as compared to static culture. This study indicates that IHP may have significant influence on chondrocytes behavior in 3D culture environment.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 342-343)

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Young-Ha Kim, Chong-Su Cho, Inn-Kyu Kang, Suk Young Kim and Oh Hyeong Kwon




H. S. Yang et al., "In Vitro Chondrocyte Culture Using Hydrophilized PLLA Scaffold in Bioreactor System", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 342-343, pp. 253-256, 2007

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July 2007




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