Synthesis and Biological Activities of Sulfonated Polysaccharides Having Pentofuransidic Structures


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In order to elucidate the relationship between the structure and biological activity such as anti-HIV and blood anticoagulant activity, sulfonated polysaccharides and amino-polysaccharides having pentofuranosidic structures were synthesized. These sulfonated polysaccharides had potent anti-HIV activity in spite of low molecular weights, and which was dependent on the degree of sulfonation. For the blood anticoagulant activity, the conformation of polymer backbone and sulfamide group plays an important role on the interactions with the blood anticoagulant factor.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 342-343)

Edited by:

Young-Ha Kim, Chong-Su Cho, Inn-Kyu Kang, Suk Young Kim and Oh Hyeong Kwon




B. W. Kang et al., "Synthesis and Biological Activities of Sulfonated Polysaccharides Having Pentofuransidic Structures", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 342-343, pp. 721-724, 2007

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July 2007




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