Mechanics of Tailor Welded Blanks: An Overview


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Taking advantage of high-tech welding methods, a concept is formed in sheet metal forming community. The so-called tailor-welded blanks (TWBs) are sheet metals that are welded together prior to forming. This technology dates back to the 80’s, and numerous studies are conducted in order to explore different aspects of it. This review paper concerns with mechanics of TWBs. The paper is divided into three major chapters. The first chapter is devoted to mechanical properties of TWBs. Tensile testing, tensile properties, and hardness of TWBs are covered in this chapter. The second chapter deals with the formability of TWBs. The formability testing methods, effect of different parameters on the formability of TWBs, material flow phenomena, control of material flow, stress and strain distributions, and springback behavior are covered in the second chapter. The third chapter is focused on failure and fracture of TWBs. Failure modes and failure criteria are the principal topics of this chapter.



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F. Micari, M. Geiger, J. Duflou, B. Shirvani, R. Clarke, R. Di Lorenzo and L. Fratini






A.A. Zadpoor et al., "Mechanics of Tailor Welded Blanks: An Overview", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 344, pp. 373-382, 2007

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July 2007




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