An Intelligent System for Modeling and Material Selection for Progressive Die Components


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This paper presents an intelligent system for modeling and material selection for progressive die components. The proposed system comprises of two modules, namely INTPMOD and MATSEL. The first module INTPMOD is constructed for modeling of die block, stripper plate, punch plate, back-up plate, die-set and die assembly of progressive die automatically in the drawing editor of AutoCAD. The second module MATSEL is developed for material selection for progressive die components. Both the modules are coded in AutoLISP language and designed to be loaded into the prompt area of AutoCAD. An illustrative example is included to demonstrate the usefulness of the system modules. The proposed system is implemented on a PC having AutoCAD software and its low cost of implementation makes it affordable for small and medium-size sheet metal industries.



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F. Micari, M. Geiger, J. Duflou, B. Shirvani, R. Clarke, R. Di Lorenzo and L. Fratini




S. Kumar and R. Singh, "An Intelligent System for Modeling and Material Selection for Progressive Die Components", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 344, pp. 873-880, 2007

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July 2007





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