Sheet Metal 2007

Volume 344

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Raoul Plettke, Hinnerk Hagenah, Manfred Geiger

Abstract: The adjustment of micro system components with laser forming using especially designed sheet metal actuator systems is a new and promising...

Authors: Matteo Strano, Andrea Burdi

Abstract: During sheet metal forming operations, many different sources of non-controllable process variations usually display their effect, leading...

Authors: Augusto Barata da Rocha, Abel D. Santos, Pedro Teixeira

Abstract: The use of Finite Element Simulation allows accurate predictions of stress and strain distributions in complex stamped parts. The onset of...

Authors: Dan Sorin Comsa, Dorel Banabic

Abstract: The paper is focused on the development of a new phenomenological yield criterion able to describe the inelastic response of sheet metals...

Authors: Rosanna Di Lorenzo, Giuseppe Ingarao, Fabrizio Micari

Abstract: One of the main issues in sheet metal forming operations design is the determination of formability limits in order to prevent necking and...

Authors: J. Hecht, K. Lamprecht, Marion Merklein, Konstantin Galanulis, J. Steinbeck

Abstract: The dynamic development of highly accurate optical measuring machines within the last years pushed the introduction of digitizing...

Authors: Shankar Kalyanasundaram, Paul Compston, Joel Gresham

Abstract: The quality of stamp formed parts depends on a number of variables. Numerical studies based on finite element analysis can provide...

Authors: Dominik T. Matt

Abstract: The complexity of a manufacturing system is determined by the uncertainty in achieving the system’s functional requirements and is caused...

Authors: S. Kumar, R. Singh

Abstract: This paper presents an intelligent system for modeling and material selection for progressive die components. The proposed system comprises...

Authors: Hartmut Hoffmann, Michael F. Zäh, Ingo Faass, Roland Mork, Matthias Golle, Bernd Griesbach, Matthias Kerschner

Abstract: The manufacturing of automotive body components in press lines is a sensitive process. The quality characteristics of body components vary....


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