Sheet Metal 2007

Volume 344

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kari Mäntyjärvi, Markku Keskitalo, Jussi A. Karjalainen, Anu Leiviskä, Jouko Heikkala, Jarmo Mäkikangas

Abstract: When sheets of high-strength (HS) and ultra-high-strength (UHS) steels are bent by a press brake the process suffers from large bending...

Authors: Masaaki Otsu, Yasuhiro Ito, Akira Ishii, Hideshi Miura, Kazuki Takashima

Abstract: Pure titanium foils were bent by laser forming and the effect of c-d transformation and history of heat treatment of specimen on bending...

Authors: Peter Groche, Jens Ringler, Dragoslav Vucic

Abstract: Due to the high effort involved, bifurcated constructions in mass market products made from sheet metal remained largely unused. Extruded...

Authors: Mario Marobin

Abstract: In the machine tool sector, for production purposes, flexibility and automation are elements that play conflicting roles because greater...

Authors: Branko Grizelj, Branimir Barisic, Miljenko Dino Math

Abstract: The paper is concerned with the numerical method of determination bending force and calibration force in plate bending. For numeric...

Authors: Gianluca D'Urso, Giuseppe Pellegrini, Giancarlo Maccarini

Abstract: Angle control in air bending is achieved either by exploiting direct angle measurement (adaptive forming) or by controlling punch...

Authors: Peter Groche, Michael Henkelmann

Abstract: During the last half century roll forming has become a highly productive metal forming technology, well-established in the industry for the...

Authors: Junichi Endou, Shunji Katoh

Abstract: In the proto-type bending machine reported in the previous paper, the Bending Roller was fixed in the same position during bending....

Authors: Reimund Neugebauer, Eberhard Kunke, Hans Bräunlich, Angela Göschel

Abstract: Today's automotive manufacturers are required to meet ever greater demands for increased flexibility due to decreasing batch sizes....

Authors: Seijiro Maki, Atsushi Hamamoto, Shouichi Saito, Kenichiro Mori

Abstract: The feasibility of hot stamping and press quenching of ultrahigh strength steel sheet using resistance heating was investigated by...


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