Sheet Metal 2007

Volume 344

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Taylan Altan, Serhat Kaya, Yingyot Aue-u-Ian

Abstract: Experimental investigation on the formability limits of aluminum and magnesium alloys are conducted through hydraulic bulging and deep...

Authors: S. Guarino, Nadia Ucciardello, Vincenzo Tagliaferri

Abstract: In this paper a neural network approach is used to model the diode laser assisted forming process. In particular thin sheets of Aluminum...

Authors: W.T. Zheng, Donato Sorgente, G. Palumbo, Luigi Tricarico, Li Mei Ren, L.X. Zhou, Shi Hong Zhang

Abstract: Using the optimum blank in sheet metal forming process not only can decrease the material wasting but also avoid possible defects such as...

Authors: Mehmet Ali Pişkin, Bilgin Kaftanoğlu

Abstract: Deep-drawing operations are performed widely in industrial applications. It is very important for efficiency to achieve parts with no...

Authors: Piotr Lacki

Abstract: Demand for an increase in the useable properties of a drawn-part made of stainless steel has been the inspiration for the work. The use of...

Authors: Elisabetta Ceretti, Aldo Attanasio, Antonio Fiorentino, Claudio Giardini

Abstract: The present paper is the continuation of a research conducted on hemming operations by using rolling tools. Sheet hemming is a joining...

Authors: P. Jimbert, I. Perez, I. Eguia, Glenn S. Daehn

Abstract: Hemming is the last or one of the latest stage operations for the stamped parts. For this reason it has a critical importance on the...

Authors: A.A. Zadpoor, J. Sinke, R. Benedictus

Abstract: Taking advantage of high-tech welding methods, a concept is formed in sheet metal forming community. The so-called tailor-welded blanks...

Authors: Marion Merklein, Uwe Vogt

Abstract: Tailored Heat Treated Blanks (THTB) are blanks that exhibit locally different strength specifically optimized for the succeeding forming...

Authors: Robert McMurray, Alan G. Leacock, Desmond Brown

Abstract: A test rig was developed to investigate springback in stretch draw forming processes, which are considered to be nominally uniaxial. An...


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