Sheet Metal 2007

Volume 344

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Antonio del Prete, Teresa Primo, Antonio A. De Vitis

Abstract: An uncertain approach has been evaluated to analyze the finite element analysis responses for the springback evaluation on a stamped part....

Authors: Isamu Aoki, Sasada Masahiro, Tadao Fuchiwaki

Abstract: Medical examinations and treatments using endoscopes are becoming increasing common due to their minimally invasive nature. Many types of...

Authors: Branimir Barisic, Miljenko Dino Math, Branko Grizelj

Abstract: In order to determine the forming force in deep drawing and backward extrusion processes (on Al 99.5F7 specimens) the analytical, numerical...

Authors: Y. Abe, J. Watanabe, Kenichiro Mori

Abstract: A multi-stage stamping process of one-piece automobile steel wheels from tubes was developed to decrease the loss of material for the...

Authors: Verena Psyk, C. Beerwald, A. Henselek, Werner Homberg, Alexander Brosius, Matthias Kleiner

Abstract: In recent years a steadily growing interest in applying lightweight construction concepts could be observed. This development is...

Authors: Jean Savoie, Melinda Bissinger

Abstract: Aircraft engine components are assemblies of several parts that are manufactured using various processes: deep drawing and machining, among...

Authors: Antonio del Prete, Gabriele Papadia, Barbara Manisi

Abstract: In order to value the process of variables influence in sheet metal hydroforming, a special hydroforming cell has been developed....

Authors: M. Loh-Mousavi, Kenichiro Mori, K. Hayashi, M. Bakhshi

Abstract: The filling of the die corner in hydroforming of a tube with a box die was improved by controlling wrinkling under oscillation of internal...

Authors: H. Ali Hatipoğlu, Naki Polat, Arif Koksal, A. Erman Tekkaya

Abstract: In this paper, the flexforming process is modeled by finite element method in order to investigate the operation window of the problem....

Authors: Manfred Geiger, Marion Merklein, Massimo Cojutti

Abstract: The possibility to produce lightweight components with a complex geometry enhanced, in the last decades, the industrial application of the...


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