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Authors: Paolo Bortot, Elisabetta Ceretti, Antonio Fiorentino, Claudio Giardini
Abstract:In the present paper a feasibility study of a funerary vase, made of stainless steel, using the Hydromechanical Deep Drawing process, is...
Authors: Christophe Henrard, Chantal Bouffioux, Laurent Duchêne, Joost R. Duflou, Anne Marie Habraken
Abstract:A new method for modeling the contact between the tool and the metal sheet for the incremental forming process was developed based on a...
Authors: S. He, J. Gu, Hugo Sol, Albert Van Bael, Paul van Houtte, Yasemin Tunckol, Joost R. Duflou
Abstract:A simplified method to determine the strain distribution during incremental forming of a cone is proposed in this paper. Because of the...
Authors: Markus Bambach, M. Todorova, Gerhard Hirt
Abstract:Asymmetric incremental sheet forming (AISF) is a relatively new manufacturing process for the production of low volumes of sheet metal...
Authors: Wilko C. Emmens, A.H. van den Boogaard
Abstract:This paper discusses some consequences of forming by shear, a situation that is sometimes claimed to occur in incremental forming. The...
Authors: Johan Verbert, Joost R. Duflou, Bert Lauwers
Abstract:One of the main issues of the single point incremental forming (SPIF) process is still the achievable accuracy. A number of methods have...
Authors: Giuseppina Ambrogio, L. De Napoli, Luigino Filice, M. Muzzupappa
Abstract:It is well known that the geometrical accuracy is a very relevant problem in Incremental Forming operations, since the material is not well...
Authors: Joost R. Duflou, Yasemin Tunckol, Richard Aerens
Authors: Alexander Szekeres, M. Ham, J. Jeswiet
Abstract:Forces are measured in Single Point Incremental Forming with a spindle mounted sensor. Results for AA3003 aluminum cones and pyramids are...
Authors: A. Governale, A. Lo Franco, A. Panzeca, Livan Fratini, Fabrizio Micari
Abstract:In the last decades the scenario of the industrial production is remarkably changed, since new market requirements have to be faced by the...
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