Sheet Metal 2007

Volume 344

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wilko C. Emmens

Abstract: This paper describes the process of shaping fully formed beer & beverage cans with a rotating high-pressure water jet. In detail the paper...

Authors: Hideo Iseki, Tomoyuki Nara

Abstract: As a result of the trend of consumer demand for many stamped sheet metal products, the study of flexible and incremental sheet metal...

Authors: M. Skjoedt, M.H. Hancock, N. Bay

Abstract: Single point incremental forming (SPIF) is a relatively new sheet forming process. A sheet is clamped in a rig and formed incrementally...

Authors: K.P. Jackson, J.M. Allwood, M. Landert

Abstract: This paper presents a first investigation of the applicability of incremental sheet forming (ISF) to sandwich panels. Two initial tests on...

Authors: Horst Meier, V. Smukala, O. Dewald, Jian Zhang

Abstract: This paper describes a new development of an incremental, robot based sheet metal forming process for the production of sheet metal...

Authors: E. Maidagan, Joachim Zettler, Markus Bambach, P.P. Rodríguez, Gerhard Hirt

Abstract: Nowadays many industrial sectors use forming processes in order to produce sheet metal components. The most widely used processes are...

Authors: A. Hadoush, A.H. van den Boogaard, J. Huétink

Abstract: This paper presents the effect of combined stretching and bending on the achieved strain in incremental sheet forming ISF. A simple two...

Authors: J.M. Allwood, D.R. Shouler, A. Erman Tekkaya

Abstract: Incremental sheet forming is known to give higher forming limits than conventional sheet forming processes, but investigation of this...

Authors: M. Ham, J. Jeswiet

Abstract: Single Point Incremental Forming (SPIF) is a new method of forming sheet metal for which not all forming limits and forming parameters are...

Authors: Gerd Sebastiani, Alexander Brosius, Werner Homberg, Matthias Kleiner

Abstract: Sheet Metal Spinning is a flexible manufacturing process for axially-symmetric hollow components. While the process itself is already known...


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