Finite Element Model Updating of a Steel–Concrete Composite Moment - Resisting Structure with Partial Strength Joints


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Dynamic and static identification of a full scale moment-resisting steel-concrete composite structure with partial strength joints that was tested by means of the pseudo-dynamic testing technique at the ELSA laboratory of the Joint Research Centre at Ispra, Italy, is the subject of this paper. The structure was subjected to pseudo-dynamic and dynamic tests at different damage and peak ground acceleration levels; and the results were used for identifying the behaviour of the structure. Two and three-dimensional refined finite element models of the structure accompanied by a robust nonlinear optimization method, the Powell’s Dog Leg method, were updated in order to reproduce in an optimal fashion the experimental static and dynamic behaviour of the structure.



Edited by:

L. Garibaldi, C. Surace, K. Holford and W.M. Ostachowicz




O. S. Bursi et al., "Finite Element Model Updating of a Steel–Concrete Composite Moment - Resisting Structure with Partial Strength Joints ", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 347, pp. 101-106, 2007

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September 2007




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