A Numerical Determination of Acoustic Emission Sensor Response in Plates Using Dispersion Curves


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This paper reports on a method for numerically modelling acoustic emission signals in simple plate geometries using dispersion curves. It is demonstrated how, by using a known source to sensor distance, it is possible to determine the arrival of the frequencies of the individual AE modes at the sensor face. Assumptions based on sensor frequency response and the amplitude of individual modes allow for an approximation of each mode arriving at the sensor face. These modes are then summed to provide a numerical model of the expected signal. Results of the model are compared with a recorded signal and show good correlation, this is further demonstrated by comparing the wavelet transforms of the modelled and recorded signal.



Edited by:

L. Garibaldi, C. Surace, K. Holford and W.M. Ostachowicz




R. Pullin et al., "A Numerical Determination of Acoustic Emission Sensor Response in Plates Using Dispersion Curves", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 347, pp. 381-386, 2007

Online since:

September 2007




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