Output-Only Technique for Parameter Identification of Nonlinear Systems Working under Operational Loads


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Vast majority of industrial mechanical systems do not behave in linear way around any operating point and work under non-measurable operational loads. Identification of such systems can’t be carried out by means of the classical nonlinear system identification methods. The paper concerns the method combining restoring force, boundary perturbation and direct parameter estimation techniques that, on the contrary to classical methods, requires neither input measurement nor linear behaviour of the considered system around an operating point. There are also presented results of method application to parameter identification of machine shaft flexible support.



Edited by:

L. Garibaldi, C. Surace, K. Holford and W.M. Ostachowicz




J. Iwaniec, "Output-Only Technique for Parameter Identification of Nonlinear Systems Working under Operational Loads", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 347, pp. 467-472, 2007

Online since:

September 2007





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