Damage Assessment of Structures VII

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Authors: Johanna Bodgi, Silvano Erlicher, Pierre Argoul
Abstract: In this paper, a simple 1D crowd model is proposed, which aim is to properly describe the crowd-flow phenomena occurring when pedestrians walk on a flexible footbridge. The crowd is assumed to behave like a continuous compressible fluid and the pedestrian flow is modeled in a 1-D framework using the (total) mass (of pedestrians) conservation equation. This crowd model is then coupled with a simple model for the dynamical behavior of the footbridge and an optimized modeling of synchronization effects is performed. Numerical simulations are presented to show some preliminary results.
Authors: Seweryn Kokot, Zbigniew Zembaty
Abstract: A damage detection method based on harmonic structural vibrations has been applied to reconstruct realistic damage patterns of reinforced concrete beams. It was shown that the application of a hybrid method (genetic algorithm and Levenberg-Marquardt minimization technique) makes it possible to effectively reconstruct the flexural stiffness drops as small as 10-20% with the maximum error of 4%. The error increases to about 7 to 9% with the presence of 1% measurement noise.
Authors: Katarzyna Majewska, Arkadiusz Zak, Wiesław M. Ostachowicz
Abstract: In this paper the authors present a new one-dimensional phenomenological model of the magnetic shape memory effect (MSME) observed in magnetic shape memory alloys (MSMAs). The model takes into account elementary processes associated with the magnetisation of MSMAs. Its correctness has been checked against selected models known from the literature. The model developed by the authors has been verified in the case of a rod element made out of a MSMA by the use of the finite element method (FEM). A study on the influence of activation of MSMA beam actuators in the case of forced vibration of a composite beam has been performed. The authors have also carried out investigation connected with the influence of a transverse and open crack on the effectiveness of vibration reduction in the case of a composite beam by the use of MSM actuators.

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