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Authors: Teresa Berruti, Christian M. Firrone, M. Pizzolante, Muzio M. Gola
Abstract:Forced vibrations can lead to an irreparable damage of a blade array. Devices called “underplatform damper” that dissipate the vibration...
Authors: Chun Sheng Wang, Yue Xu, Ai Rong Chen, Wei Zhen Chen
Abstract:According to the fatigue damage failure mechanism of riveted members, a riveted member probabilistic fatigue failure model (RMPFFM) was...
Authors: Soo Yeon Seo, Hyun Do Yoon, Cheol Woo Park
Abstract:Three RC slab specimens were designed and manufactured to investigate the fatigue behavior of RC slab retrofitted with carbon fiber mesh...
Authors: Janice M. Dulieu-Barton, M. Sahin, F.J. Lennard, D.D. Eastop, A.R. Chambers
Abstract:The findings of a year-long programme carried out by a multidisciplinary engineering/conservation team are described. A mass-produced...
Authors: Simon P. Shone, Brian R. Mace, Tim P. Waters
Abstract:The wave reflection coefficients of damage such as cracks, notches and slots in otherwise uniform beams depend on frequency and on the size...
Authors: Nicola Maria Pugno
Abstract:In this paper the damage assessment of nanostructures is discussed. As an example we assess the damage of nanobeams with non destructive...
Authors: Daley Chetwynd, T.L. Lew, Keith Worden, Jem A. Rongong
Abstract:This work was conducted as part of the European Union project ARTIMA and it investigates the potential for a dual use active constrained...
Authors: Irina Trendafilova, Emil Manoach, Matthew P. Cartmell, Wiesław M. Ostachowicz, Arkadiusz Zak
Abstract:This study investigates a possibility for representing, interpreting and visualising the vibration response of aircraft panels using time...
Authors: Piotr Kurowski
Abstract:Modal models are commonly encountered forms of dynamic characterization of mechanical structures. They are applied in machine-condition...
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