Damage Assessment of Structures VII

Volume 347

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.347

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Authors: Daniele Zonta, Matteo Pozzi, Paolo Zanon

Abstract: This paper presents a damage detection procedure based on Bayesian analysis of data recorded by permanent monitoring systems as applied to...

Authors: Nathanael C. Yoder, Timothy J. Johnson, Douglas E. Adams

Abstract: In current tire durability tests, technicians must stop tests periodically to inspect each tire, resulting in a time consuming, expensive,...

Authors: Joseph Morlier, P. Salom, F. Bos

Abstract: This paper presents an introduction to structural damage assessment using image processing on real data (non ideal conditions). Our...

Authors: Zhen Xu, Qian Chen

Abstract: Cointegration testing method from economics area is introduced for condition monitoring and fault diagnosis for nonstationary engineering...

Authors: Joanna Grabowska, Magdalena Palacz, Marek Krawczuk, Wiesław M. Ostachowicz, Irina Trendafilova, Emil Manoach, Matthew P. Cartmell

Abstract: The main aspect of the paper is to give an answer to the question of what specific kind of defect has actually occurred in a structure and...

Authors: C. Valente, Daniele Spina, S. Gabriele

Abstract: The paper presents the revised formulation of a signal processing methodology aimed at identifying the dynamics of buildings hit by...

Authors: Jerome Antoni, Roger Boustany

Abstract: Rolling-element bearing vibrations are random cyclostationary, that is they exhibit a cyclical behaviour of their statistical properties...

Authors: Fu Cai Li, Lin Ye, Gui Cai Zhang, Guang Meng

Abstract: Impulse response provides important information about flaws in mechanical system. Deconvolution is one system identification technique for...

Authors: Giovanni Damonte, Stefano Podestà, Giuseppe Riotto, Sergio Lagomarsino, Georges Magonette, Francesco Marazzi

Abstract: Monitoring represents one solution for the safeguard of historical buildings. The need for a non-destructive and comprehensive monitoring...

Authors: Elena Candigliota, Alain Le Maoult

Abstract: Tests on shaking table have been carried out on a 3D full scale infilled r.c. frame specimen (55 tons). These tests have been performed by...


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