Damage Assessment of Structures VII

Volume 347

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.347

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Authors: Julia Armesto, Pedro Arias, Celestino Ordóñez, Henrique Lorenzo, Natalia Caparrini

Abstract: The measurement and monitoring of structural damages in masonry monuments is an important task in the field of conservation and restoration...

Authors: Oliver R. de Lautour, Piotr Omenzetter

Abstract: Time series based Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) methods are being increasingly explored. In this study, Autoregressive (AR) models...

Authors: David A. Clifton, Peter R. Bannister, Lionel Tarassenko

Abstract: A novelty detection approach to condition monitoring of aerospace gas-turbine engines is presented, providing a consistent framework for...

Authors: Igor Bovio, Leonardo Lecce

Abstract: The purpose of the paper is to present an innovative application within the Non Destructive Testing field based upon vibration measurements...

Authors: Marco Allara, Stefano Zucca, Muzio M. Gola

Abstract: Stresses due to resonant vibrations induce fatigue damage in turbomachinery blades jeopardizing their structural integrity. Damping plays a...

Authors: Kai Xiong, Dong Xiang Jiang, Yong Shan Ding, Kai Li

Abstract: RBF neural network and support vector machine (SVM), two Artificial Intelligent (AI) methods, have been extensively applied on machinery...

Authors: Rosario Ceravolo, Giacomo V. Demarie, Silvano Erlicher

Abstract: This paper presents a technique for identification of non-linear hysteretic systems subjected to non-stationary loading. In the numerical...

Authors: Robert Jankowski

Abstract: The reports after earthquakes indicate that earthquake-induced pounding between insufficiently separated structures, or their parts, may...

Authors: Raffaele Landolfo, G. Di Lorenzo, M.R. Guerrieri, O. Mammana, F. Portioli

Abstract: This paper is concerned with the results of the vulnerability assessment of the iron roofing structures of the Umberto I Gallery in Naples....

Authors: Gianfranco de Matteis, I. Langone, Fabio Colanzi, Federico M. Mazzolani

Abstract: This paper focuses on the dynamic behaviour of the Fossanova cathedral (Latina, ITALY), which represents a magnificent example of...


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