Damage Assessment of Structures VII

Volume 347

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.347

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Authors: Dan Mateescu, Yong Han, Arun Misra

Abstract: The dynamic analysis of structures with piezoelectric sensors and actuators is used in this paper to establish a method for crack detection...

Authors: Tadeusz Uhl, Artur Hanc, Krzysztof Tworkowski, Łukasz Sekiewicz

Abstract: This paper presented idea and implementation of efficient, reliable wireless bridge monitoring system. The system using Wireless Sensor...

Authors: Abdelhakim Ouahabi, Marc Thomas, Makiko Kobayashi, Cheng Kuei Jen

Abstract: A new approach is proposed for conducting structural health monitoring, based on newly developed piezoceramic sensors. They are fabricated...

Authors: H.M. Lee, Y.H. Kwon, Hyo Seon Park, I. Lee

Abstract: To make use of a new technology in the field of structural health monitoring, various displacement measuring techniques such as a global...

Authors: D.S. Kang, H.M. Lee, Hyo Seon Park, I. Lee

Abstract: Terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) is the technique able to acquire the dense three-dimensional (3D) coordinates effectively over entire...

Authors: A.M. Ali, M.M. Abdel Wahab, A.D. Crocombe, Ian A. Ashcroft

Abstract: This paper describes a dynamic test carried out on intact and damaged FRP composite beams with fixed-fixed boundary condition. Hammer...

Authors: Marco Gherlone, Marco Di Sciuva

Abstract: The article deals with the application of a higher-order FEM approach to the analysis of the dynamic behaviour of undamaged and damaged...

Authors: Pawel Kudela, Wiesław M. Ostachowicz, Arkadiusz Zak

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to investigate the influence of temperature fields on wave propagation in composite plates (A0 mode of the Lamb...

Authors: Mircea Calomfirescu, Axel S. Herrmann

Abstract: This paper presents a theoretical model for anisotropic wave attenuation in composites. The model has been implemented in a software called...

Authors: S. Gabriele, C. Valente, F. Brancaleoni

Abstract: The problem of damage identification in presence of uncertainties is faced up in the framework of interval analysis. A method previously...


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