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Authors: Dariusz Szwedowicz, Jorge Bedolla
Abstract:Conical rings are used to joint a shaft with other mechanical parts through frictional forces induced by clamping of the inner ring into the...
Authors: Byoung Han Choi
Abstract:A modeling technique to generate good design alternatives from optimal design of steel moment resisting frames is proposed. First presented...
Authors: Wen Ying Chen, Fu Lei Chu, Shao Ze Yan, Ke Yun Wang
Abstract:The upper and lower bound estimation of natural frequencies for intelligent truss structure with uncertain-but-bounded parameters is studied...
Authors: Alberto Carpinteri, Giuseppe Lacidogna, Amedeo Manuello
Abstract:Acoustic emissions (AE) are ultrasonic waves generated by the rapid release of energy from discontinuities or cracks spreading in materials...
Authors: Simon P. Shone, Brian R. Mace, Tim P. Waters
Abstract:A method is presented for locating discontinuities in a uniform waveguide from two or more point frequency response functions (FRFs). The...
Authors: Sheng En Fang, Ricardo Perera, Maria Consuelo Huerta
Abstract:An environmental excitation having random characteristics may be more effective and cost-efficient than other excitation means for...
Authors: Yu Xiang Liu, Wei Wei Zhang, Hong Wei Ma
Abstract:Damage detection by the wavelet transform of the fundamental vibration mode receives much attention recently. However, the higher vibration...
Authors: Dan Sheng Wang, Hong Ping Zhu, Bo He
Abstract:Crack damage brings a serious threat to the safety of mechanical and civil structures, and the problem of incipient damage identification of...
Authors: M. Taghvaei, S.B.M. Beck, W.J. Staszewski, J.B. Boxall
Authors: Nicolae Constantin, Alexandrina Mihai, Mircea Găvan, Ştefan Sorohan, Constantin Dumitraşcu, Viorel Anghel
Abstract:Composite pipes enjoy increasing interest in the sector of petroleum and gas transportation, due to a number of qualities, concerning...
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