Experimental Investigation of T-Stress Effects on Photoelastic Fringes in Brazilian Disk under Mode II Conditions


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According to classical definition of crack deformation modes, the constant stress term (Tstress) exists only in presence of mode I. However, some studies show that this term can exist in mode II problems as well; and significantly affect the elastic stress field around the crack tip. Based on the previous analytical results, T-stress changes the photoelastic fringe patterns from symmetric closed shapes to asymmetric and discontinuous loops. In this research, the effects of T-stress on the fringe patterns in mode II cracks is investigated experimentally. Test specimens are Brazilian disks made of polycarbonate, and thermal treatment is performed to remove the residual stresses after generation of the cracks. Observed isochromatic fringes are in good agreement with theoretical predictions. Also, experimental results indicate that this specimen contains a negative T-stress in pure mode II condition.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 348-349)

Edited by:

J. Alfaiate, M.H. Aliabadi, M. Guagliano and L. Susmel




M. Guagliano et al., "Experimental Investigation of T-Stress Effects on Photoelastic Fringes in Brazilian Disk under Mode II Conditions ", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 348-349, pp. 969-972, 2007

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September 2007




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