Ferroelectric Distortion in Bi4Ti3O12 Studied by Neutron Powder Diffraction


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Crystal structures of Bi4Ti3O12 ferroelectrics have been investigated by high-temperature neutron powder diffraction study. The ferroelectricity in Bi4Ti3O12 is shown to originate from the in-plane displacement of TiO6 octahedra with respect to heavy Bi ions, and that the off-center Ti displacement in the octahedra plays a minor role. Bond valence analysis shows that the underbonding of Bi with the adjacent oxide ions at the perovskite A site in high-temperature paraelectric state plays an essential role in the ferroelectric phase transition in the Bi4Ti3O12 system.



Edited by:

K. Katayama, K. Kato, T. Takenaka, M. Takata and K. Shinozaki




Y. Noguchi and M. Miyayama, "Ferroelectric Distortion in Bi4Ti3O12 Studied by Neutron Powder Diffraction", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 350, pp. 65-68, 2007

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October 2007




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