Composite Materials V

Volume 351

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: M.L.T. Guo, Chi Y.A. Tsao, J.C. Huang, Jason S.C. Jang

Abstract: The microstructure characteristics of the spray-formed and melt-spun Al85Nd5Ni10 and Al89La6Ni5 alloys were studied. The spray forming...

Authors: Yu Bai Pan, Zheng Ren Huang, Dong Liang Jiang, Léo Mazerolles, D. Michel, J.L. Pastol, Guillaume Wang

Abstract: The effects of high-energy ball milling on SiC powders were studied using a planetary apparatus. Conditions to obtain nanostructured SiC...

Authors: Y.H. Lai, M.C. Kuo, J.C. Huang, M. Chen

Abstract: The nano-sized silica particulates reinforced poly(ether ether ketone) (PEEK) composites were fabricated by means of simple compression...

Authors: Yong Huang, Shi Ke Zhao, Chang An Wang, Rui Feng Chen
Authors: Hong Ming Lin, Giin Shan Chen, Pee Yew Lee

Abstract: In the present study, Ti50Cu28Ni15Sn7 metallic glass and its composite powders reinforced with 4~12 vol% of SiC additions were successfully...

Authors: Jian Zhang Li, Li Tong Zhang, Lai Fei Cheng, Yong Dong Xu, Sheng Ru Qiao, Gui Qiong Jiao, Jun Zhang, Xin Gang Luan

Abstract: Materials characterization is a crucial issue in the development and application of new materials. Materials characterization aims to mine...

Authors: Yung Jen Lin, Shi Yi Lin

Abstract: Copper and 2024 aluminum alloy were melt-infiltrated into porous β-SiC to form SiC/Cu and SiC/Al composites. The porous β-SiC was prepared...

Authors: Jian Zhang Li, Jun Zhang, Li Tong Zhang, Lai Fei Cheng, Yong Dong Xu

Abstract: Carbon fiber reinforced silicon carbide matrix composites (C/SiC) are promising candidate materials for high-temperature structural...


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