Growth and Properties of Pulsed Laser Deposited K3Li2Nb5O15 Thin Films


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Potassium lithium niobate (KLN: K3Li2Nb5O15) films have been deposited on quartz glass by Pulsed laser deposition (PLD) technique using a stoichiometric KLN target as starting materials. By investigating the effects of both the oxygen pressure and the substrate temperature on the structure of KLN films, optimum parameters have been identified for the growth of high-quality KLN films. At 10Pa oxygen ambient pressure, tetragonal tungsten-bronze-type structure of KLN films with (310) preferred orientation can be achieved at substrate temperatures in the range of 700-800°C. Optical studies indicate that the films are highly transparent in the visible-near-infrared wavelength range.



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Di Zhang, Jingkun Guo and Chi Y. A. Tsao




Z. S. Zhan et al., "Growth and Properties of Pulsed Laser Deposited K3Li2Nb5O15 Thin Films", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 351, pp. 184-188, 2007

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October 2007




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