Fabrication CNTs/SiO2 Laminated Structure from Aqueous Tape Casting


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Well-dispersed SiO2 slurry with high solid content for aqueous tape casting was obtained by selecting the appropriate dispersant, binder, plasticizer and other additives. However, it is difficult to prepare well-dispersed CNTs/SiO2 slurry because CNTs tend to aggregation and the bulk density disparity of CNTs and SiO2 is obvious. In addition, the contradiction between removing organic additives and retaining the properties of CNTs should be considered. Some methods are provided to solve the as-mentioned difficulties.



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Di Zhang, Jingkun Guo and Chi Y. A. Tsao




Y. Zhu et al., "Fabrication CNTs/SiO2 Laminated Structure from Aqueous Tape Casting", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 351, pp. 227-232, 2007

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October 2007




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