Fretting Wear of SiC and Ni3Al Particles Reinforced Al Alloy Matrix Composites


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Fretting friction and wear of aluminum alloy, 5 and 10 vol.% SiCp/Al and Ni3Alp/Al composites under 5×10-4 Pa and atmosphere was investigated. Wear mechanism in vacuum was compared to that in atmosphere at different applied loads. The coefficient of friction (COF) of the SiCp/Al composites was larger than aluminum and Ni3Alp/Al composites, however, incorporation of SiC particles into Al alloy increased the fretting wear resistance of Al alloys, especially in vacuum. It should be notices that the maximum wear depth was larger in vacuum under fretting wear, and the Ni3Alp/Al composites show low fretting wear resistance.



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Di Zhang, Jingkun Guo and Chi Y. A. Tsao




R. Chen et al., "Fretting Wear of SiC and Ni3Al Particles Reinforced Al Alloy Matrix Composites", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 351, pp. 75-80, 2007

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October 2007




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