Composite Materials V

Volume 351

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: L.J. Chang, G.R. Fang, Jason S.C. Jang, I.S. Lee, J.C. Huang, Chi Y.A. Tsao

Abstract: Mg65Cu20Y10Ag5 Amorphous/ nano ZrO2 composites alloy powder were fabricated through the combination method of melt spinning and mechanical...

Authors: Zheng Yi Fu, Z. Fan, W.J. Tang, Jin Yong Zhang, Wei Min Wang, H. Wang, Yu Cheng Wang, Qing Jie Zhang

Abstract: Hybridization is a promising method for core/shell particles by a mechanical shock process involving dry blending and dry impact blending....

Authors: C.I. Chang, Y.N. Wang, H.R. Pei, C.J. Lee, X.H. Du, J.C. Huang

Abstract: Friction stir processing (FSP) has been applied to fabricate 10~20 vol% nano-sized ZrO2 and 5~10 vol% nano-sized SiO2 particles into an...

Authors: X.L. Lei, Dong Ming Zhang, Lian Meng Zhang

Abstract: Nano-scale 8mol% titania doped yttria stabilized zirconia (8TiYSZ) powders were prepared by coprecipitation combined with azeotropic...

Authors: Yi Wang Bao, Si Jian Gao, Yan Fei Han, Ming Guan

Abstract: Bond strength of metal-glass bilayer laminate was determined via a simple testing approach using cross-bonded sample and a special fixture....

Authors: Lin Geng, Yi Wu Yan

Abstract: The coefficients of thermal expansion (CTEs) of the 20 vol% SiCp/Al composites fabricated by powder metallurgy process were measured and...

Authors: Lei Wang, Yu Dong Huang, Li Liu

Abstract: In the present work, Al2O3 was coated on the quartz fiber by the sol-gel method to improve the high temperature mechanical properties of...

Authors: Chang An Wang, Hai Long Wang, Yong Huang, Dai Ning Fang

Abstract: ZrB2/SiC ceramic composites reinforced by nano-SiC whiskers and SiC particles have been prepared by hot-pressing at 1950°C for 1hr under 20...

Authors: Qiu Bao Ouyang, H.L. Gu, W.L. Wang, Di Zhang, Guo Ding Zhang

Abstract: Friction and wear properties of aluminum matrix composites are studied, including brake speed, brake pressure, and surface temperature etc....

Authors: Cong Fa Zhang, Wei Cao, Tong Xiang Fan, Di Zhang

Abstract: The (AlN+Mg2Si)/Mg metal matrix composite was successfully fabricated by adding Si3N4 into Mg-Al alloy. The formation mechanisms of AlN and...


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