Development of Ceramic Thermoelectric Oxides for Generator


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In this work we describe (i) the fabrication of thermoelectric modules based on oxide bulk and foam materials of Ca3Co4O9 and Ca0.95Sm0.05MnO3(ii) and the metal to ceramic contacts preparation. The open porous foam structures of thermoelectric materials can result in designing efficient thermoelectric modules for waste heat sources involving gaseous and liquid media. The possibility of direct large area physical contact of thermoelectric foam elements with hot media will make them efficient electric power generators. The open porous thermoelectric materials with holes can be a good candidate to confine phonons (lattice vibrations) in order to reduce the thermal conductivity if the pores can be made sufficiently small. The performances of the modules were evaluated and possible factors limiting their theoretical performance are discussed. A parameter representing the quality of the modules termed as manufacturing factor (MF) representing the cumulative effect of various factors involved in the fabrication process is introduced and evaluated for the modules and compared to the reported modules.



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Katsutoshi Komeya, Yohtaro Matsuo and Takashi Goto




J. G. Noudem et al., "Development of Ceramic Thermoelectric Oxides for Generator", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 352, pp. 245-250, 2007

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August 2007




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