Morphology of Epitaxially Grown BaRuO3 and CaRuO3 Thin Films by Laser Ablation


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Epitaxial BaRuO3 (BRO) and CaRuO3 (CRO) thin films were prepared on (001), (110) and (111) SrTiO3 (STO) single-crystal substrates by laser ablation, and their microstructures and anisotropy of electrical conductivity were investigated. The (205) (104), (110) and (009) oriented BRO thin films, and (001), (110) and (110) oriented CRO thin films were grown epitaxially on (001), (110) and (111) STO substrates with in-plain orientation, respectively. The (009) BRO thin film and (001) CRO thin film has a flat surface result from a good lattice matching to STO substrates. The (205) (104) BRO thin film and (111) CRO thin film exhibited orthogonal- and hexagonal-shaped texture, respectively. The (110) BRO thin film and (110) CRO thin film showed an island growth due to (110) surface feature of cubic perovskite structure. Epitaxial BRO and CRO thin films have a high electrical conductivity with a metallic conduction, the (111) CRO thin films exhibited the highest conductivity of 1.4×105 S·m-1.



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Katsutoshi Komeya, Yohtaro Matsuo and Takashi Goto




A. Ito et al., "Morphology of Epitaxially Grown BaRuO3 and CaRuO3 Thin Films by Laser Ablation", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 352, pp. 315-318, 2007

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August 2007




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