Innovation in Ceramic Science and Engineering

Volume 352

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kenji Suzuki, Kazuhiko Kusunoki, Nobuyoshi Yashiro, Nobuhiro Okada, Kazuhito Kamei, Akihiro Yauchi

Abstract: Solution growth of 6H-SiC single crystal from Si-Ti-C ternary solution using the accelerated crucible rotation technique (ACRT) was...

Authors: Manabu Fukushima, You Zhou, Yuichi Yoshizawa, Hiroyuki Miyazaki, Kiyoshi Hirao

Abstract: Mesoporous silicon carbide with and without SiC filler was prepared from the pyrolysis of polycarbosilane (PCS), and the relationship...

Authors: Yoshio Sakka, Tohru Suzuki, Tetsuo Uchikoshi

Abstract: Recently to improve properties, highly microstructure controlled ceramics such as fine-grained, textured and laminated structures are...

Authors: Snezana Dević, R. Carli

Abstract: The basic idea of the work was to analyze the effect of the wollastonite mineral CaO SiO2 content in the continuous casting powder related...

Authors: Xiao Hu Chen, Xiao Min Chen, Huang Zhao, Ji Huai Wu

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to investigate the possibility of rod-like Al2TiO5 / α-Al2O3 composites in situ formation via a mechanical...

Authors: Shan Zheng, Lian Gao, Hiroshi Watanabe, Junichi Tatami, Toru Wakihara, Katsutoshi Komeya, Takeshi Meguro

Abstract: Dense and homogenous Si3N4-TiN composites (5 vol% TiN) were prepared by using in situ synthesis method from Si3N4, AlN and TiO2 mixtures,...

Authors: Takamasa Ishigaki, Ji Guang Li, Masashi Ikeda, Rubin Ye, Yusuke Moriyoshi
Authors: Xi Hai Jin, Lian Gao, Jing Sun

Abstract: Co/ZnO and Ni/Al2O3 composites were prepared by in-situ decomposition of CoNx and NiNx during sintering, using CoNx/ZnO and NiNx/Al2O3...

Authors: Qing Hong Zhang, Lian Gao

Abstract: In this paper, we reported the preparation of nanocrystalline Ta3N5 particles by nitridation of Ta2O5 nanoparticles using NH3 as reactant...

Authors: Katsumi Yoshida, Hideki Hyuga, Naoki Kondo, Hideki Kita

Abstract: Graphite powder was treated with lanthanum, aluminum and magnesium phosphate solution, and oxidation resistance of the obtained graphite...


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