Surface Morphological Changes in CP-Ti and SUS316L under Pure Tensile Loading and Creep


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The present paper investigates relationships between the macroscopic viscoplasticity and the surface morphological changes at room temperature for commercially pure titanium (CP-Ti) and austenitic stainless steel (SUS316L). Pure tensile test and tension-intermittent creep test are conducted. Both CP-Ti and SUS316L are deformed up to 16% of inelastic strain with a few unloading, and surface conditions are observed during pure tension test and tension-intermittent creep test. Qualitative surface observations and quantitative surface roughness measurements are made for the unloaded specimens. The surface roughness measurement shows that the curves plotted between surface roughness and inelastic strains are almost linear for all the present experiments. The slopes of curves depend, however, on material and type of tests, and this tendency agrees well with the qualitative surface observations by an optical microscope. The experimental results for CP-Ti suggest that different deformation mechanisms during tensile loading and creep contribute to different surface morphological changes.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 353-358)

Edited by:

Yu Zhou, Shan-Tung Tu and Xishan Xie




T. Mayama et al., "Surface Morphological Changes in CP-Ti and SUS316L under Pure Tensile Loading and Creep", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 353-358, pp. 607-610, 2007

Online since:

September 2007




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