Composite Fretting Wear of Aluminum Alloy


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A complex relative motion of fretting combined by dual motions of radial and tangential fretting was achieved on a modified fretting tester. The composite fretting motion was induced by the action of an oscillating normal force in a sphere-on-inclined flat contact (52100 steel ball against 2091 aluminum alloy). Two types of inclined angles (45° and 60°) were used in the tests. Variations of veridical force vs displacement have been recorded and analyzed as a function of cycles. Effects of the cyclic normal force and the inclined angle were discussed. The test results showed that wear, cracking and plastic deformation accumulation with a strong dissymmetry in damage morphology was observed. A transformation of fretting mode from composite to radial fretting mode occurred due to a strong modification at local contact configuration. As a conclusion, a physical model for wear mechanism of composite fretting was presented.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 353-358)

Edited by:

Yu Zhou, Shan-Tung Tu and Xishan Xie




M. H. Zhu and Z. R. Zhou, "Composite Fretting Wear of Aluminum Alloy", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 353-358, pp. 868-873, 2007

Online since:

September 2007




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