A Study of Micro Machining with Instantaneous Tiny-Grinding Wheel Based on the Fe3O4 Magnetorheological Fluid


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In this study, Fe3O4 particles were used as magnetic particles to form Fe3O4 magnetorheological (MR) fluid, and experiments were conducted to polish optical glass using this Fe3O4 MR fluid. The machining characteristics of glass surface with different MR fluids that are added diamond abrasives and short fibres are studied. Experimental results indicate that the tiny-grinding wheel based on the Fe3O4 MR fluid can effectively polish optical glass and that the maximum diameter and depth of machined region increase obviously in the presence of diamond abrasives and short fibres. When both of diamond particles and short fibres are added to the Fe3O4 MR fluid, the removal efficiency of the tiny-grinding wheel is markedly enhanced due to the synergetic effect of diamond abrasives and fibres.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 359-360)

Edited by:

Jiuhua Xu, Xipeng Xu, Guangqi Cai and Renke Kang




J. B. Lu et al., "A Study of Micro Machining with Instantaneous Tiny-Grinding Wheel Based on the Fe3O4 Magnetorheological Fluid ", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 359-360, pp. 389-393, 2008

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November 2007




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