Research on Cryogenic Pneumatic Mist Jet Impinging Cooling and Lubricating of Grinding Processes


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Grinding, characterized by its high specific energy consumption, may generate high grinding zone temperature. These can cause thermal damage to the ground surface and poor surface integrity, especially in the grinding of difficult-to-machine materials. Conventional cooling methods based on large amounts of water-oil emulsions can be both ineffective and environmentally unacceptable. Here a new high efficiency cooling technology—cryogenic pneumatic mist jet impinging cooling technology is offered. It utilizes the high penetrative power of fast cryogenic air jet combined with a little quantity of 0°C water to greatly improve heat transfer effects in the machining zone. The experimental results indicated that CPMJI could offer better machining effects compared to cold air jet and traditional flood cooling method in the grinding of titanium alloy.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 359-360)

Edited by:

Jiuhua Xu, Xipeng Xu, Guangqi Cai and Renke Kang




Q. L. An et al., "Research on Cryogenic Pneumatic Mist Jet Impinging Cooling and Lubricating of Grinding Processes ", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 359-360, pp. 460-464, 2008

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November 2007




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