Determination Methods of Dialdehyde Celluloses from Bacterial Cellulose


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This paper addresses the determination of aldehyde group (% of dialdehyde units) in dialdehyde cellulose (DACs) oxidized from bacterial cellulose (BC). With 4 determination methods, the oxidation degrees of DACs were studied: Automatic potential titration method through Schiff base reaction, Acid-base titration in Cannizzaro reaction, Metaperiodate consumption determination, and Measurement of amino nitrogen content in DAC derivatives. By comparing determination results of these methods, we found out the proper way suitable for this metaperiodate oxidation system of BC to measure the dialdehyde unit content of the DACs.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 361-363)

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Guy Daculsi and Pierre Layrolle




Y. H. Feng et al., "Determination Methods of Dialdehyde Celluloses from Bacterial Cellulose", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 361-363, pp. 507-510, 2008

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November 2007




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