Synthesis of Si-Containing Tricalcium Phosphate and its Sintering Behavior


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Si-containing tricalcium phosphate (TCP) ceramics are expected to be useful biodegradable bone substitutes that enhance bone regeneration because TCP is a biodegradable ceramic and Si is the trace element that enhances bone formation. We successfully synthesized the Si-containing TCP with different Si contents through a wet process. The Si addition lowered the temperature of phase transition from β-TCP to α-TCP. After the sintering the compacts of Si-containing TCP powders at 1400 oC, the sintered ceramics showed higher density than those of Si-free TCP. The Si addition was effective to promote the sintering of TCP.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 361-363)

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Guy Daculsi and Pierre Layrolle




M. Kamitakahara et al., "Synthesis of Si-Containing Tricalcium Phosphate and its Sintering Behavior", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 361-363, pp. 59-62, 2008

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November 2007




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