Bioceramics 20

Volumes 361-363

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: G. Daculsi, Daniel Chappard, Eric Aguado, G. Legeay, Pierre Layrolle, Pierre Weiss

Abstract: This paper reports on the research into multiphase bone substitutes carried out by laboratories from the ‘Pays de la Loire’ region in...

Authors: J.H. Robinson, Serena Best, Z. Ahmad, Mohan J. Edirisinghe

Abstract: The production of nano-scale hydroxyapatite (HA) suspensions to be used for the reticulated foam method of scaffold production was...

Authors: Saartje Impens, Roosmarijn Schelstraete, Steven Mullens, Ivo Thijs, Jan Luyten, Jan Schrooten

Abstract: The degradation rate of custom made calcium phosphate scaffolds, designed for bone tissue engineering applications, influences the healing...

Authors: Lauren E. Jackson, Liam M. Grover, Adrian J. Wright

Abstract: This paper describes a comparative investigation into the in vitro solubility of the calcium polyphosphates, γ-Ca(PO3)2 and β-Ca(PO3)2. The...

Authors: François Pecqueux, Nathalie Payraudeau, Franck Tancret, Jean Michel Bouler

Abstract: Macroporous biphasic calcium phosphate bioceramics, for use as bone substitutes, have been fabricated by cold isostatic pressing and...

Authors: Y.H. Hsu, I.G. Turner, A.W. Miles

Abstract: Ceramic slips with powder loadings in the range of 80-140 wt% were used to investigate the effect of slip loading on the physical and...

Authors: Kai Li Lin, Lei Chen, Jiang Chang, Jian Xi Lu

Abstract: In the present study, Ca2P2O7-doped β-Ca3(PO4)2 bioceramics were fabricated by pressureless sintering process. The effect of Ca2P2O7 on the...


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