Inspection Technology for F-Theta Lens: Practices and Discussions


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This paper presents the inspection technology for a freeform surface component which is named F-theta lens. F-theta lens is widely used in laser scanners, printers, etc. Freeform characterization is one of the main approaches to verify the manufacturing precision of freeform surface. At present, there is still a lack of techniques for the characterization of freeform surfaces. This study aimed to explore some approaches to inspect freeform surfaces. Two types of measurement methods, namely contact and non-contact measurement methods, are employed to measure the F-theta lens surface. The pros and cons, the existing problems, different applications and areas for improvement of the two methods are discussed. A series of advanced measuring instruments are used in the measurement process. A brief description of measurement mechanisms of these instruments is also presented. As a whole, this paper contributes to the development of the precision measurement technology for optical freeform surfaces.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 364-366)

Edited by:

Guo Fan JIN, Wing Bun LEE, Chi Fai CHEUNG and Suet TO




H. Li et al., "Inspection Technology for F-Theta Lens: Practices and Discussions", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 364-366, pp. 1191-1196, 2008

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December 2007




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