Fabrication of Phase Mask for Optical Fiber Grating


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A fused silica phase mask with the period of 1069nm, and ruled area 50×50mm2 has been fabricated by a new technique, which combines holographic-ion beam etching and reactive ion beam etching. This involves several steps: coating of substrates with controlled thickness of photoresist, formation of a grating mask by holograph interference exposure and development, and finally transferring etching of this mask into the fused silica substrate to form a permanent phase mask. Experimental measurements have shown that the zero order diffraction efficiency is less than 4% and the plus and minus first-order diffraction efficiency is more than 35%. Theoretical analysis has shown that these phase masks can be used for fabricating UV written Fiber Bragg Gratings.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 364-366)

Edited by:

Guo Fan JIN, Wing Bun LEE, Chi Fai CHEUNG and Suet TO




Q. Liu et al., "Fabrication of Phase Mask for Optical Fiber Grating", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 364-366, pp. 719-723, 2008

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December 2007




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