Advances on Extrusion Technology and Simulation of Light Alloys

Volume 367

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Marco Schikorra, Lorenzo Donati, Luca Tomesani, A. Erman Tekkaya

Abstract: The experimental conditions chosen as a reference for the 2007 edition of the extrusion benchmark and the corresponding main results are...

Authors: Sören Müller, Klaus Mueller, Walter Reimers

Abstract: In the course of the increasing discussions about a reduction of the CO2 emissions magnesium has gained importance since it is the lightest...

Authors: Henry Sigvart Valberg

Abstract: A review is given of experimental work done at the author’s university during the last two decades, to investigate metal flow in aluminum...

Authors: Terry Sheppard, Xavier Velay

Abstract: Materials which form the surface and subcutaneous layers of an extrudate experience large deformations when they traverse the die land....

Authors: A.J. Koopman, H.J.M. Geijselaers, J. Huétink

Abstract: Even though Extrusion is often regarded as a semi stationary process, the defor- mations of the die at the beginning of the process can...

Authors: Thomas Kloppenborg, Marco Schikorra, Michael Schomäcker, A. Erman Tekkaya

Abstract: The decrease of the bearing length in extrusion processes results in increasing of the material flow and offers, through this, the...

Authors: Nooman Ben Khalifa, Dirk Becker, Marco Schikorra, A. Erman Tekkaya

Abstract: New innovative direct extrusion process variants, curved profile extrusion (CPE), twisted profile extrusion (TPE), and hollow profile...

Authors: Gang Fang, Jie Zhou, Jurek Duczczyk, X.K. Wu

Abstract: In the present case study, finite element (FE) simulation was performed to evaluate the design of a spreading pocket die by analysing the...


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