Advances on Extrusion Technology and Simulation of Light Alloys

Volume 367

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: P.T. Moe, Yawar Abbas Khan, Henry Sigvart Valberg, Sigurd Støren

Abstract: The article presents an outline of a scientific approach for testing constitutive relations for the aluminum extrusion process. By...

Authors: Mohamad El Mehtedi, Luigi Balloni, S. Spigarelli, E. Evangelista, G.I. Rosen

Abstract: One of the most challenging activities for magnesium industry is to increase productivity by introducing cost-effective processes. While...

Authors: Carlo Bruni, Lorenzo Donati, Mohamad El Mehtedi, M. Simoncini

Abstract: The present investigation aims at studying and modelling the flow behaviour of the AZ31 magnesium alloy by means of torsion tests performed...

Authors: H.J. McQueen, E. Evangelista

Abstract: The modeling of extrusion of various Al alloys and their particulate metal matrix composites was conducted by DEFORM™ finite element...

Authors: Hong Yan, Ming Fu Fu, Xu Chun Tao, Hong We Hu

Abstract: The traditional extrusion and thixo-extrusion processes of wrought magnesium alloy were studied with both computer numerical simulation and...

Authors: Lorenzo Donati, J.S. Dzwonczyk, Jie Zhou, Luca Tomesani

Abstract: In this paper, a deformation test method to reproduce, on a laboratory scale, the microstructure evolution of aluminium alloys occurring...

Authors: T. Kayser, Farhad Parvizian, C. Hortig, Bob Svendsen

Abstract: The purpose of this work is the modeling and simulation of the material behavior of aluminum alloys during extrusion processes. In...

Authors: Lorenzo Donati, Luca Tomesani

Abstract: This work summarizes the outcome of recent research by the authors on modeling the formation of seam welds in aluminum extrusion and on...

Authors: Luigino Filice, Francesco Gagliardi, Fabrizio Micari

Abstract: Nowadays, many researchers are involved in studies aimed to the explanation of some peculiar aspects regarding manufacturing processes. In...

Authors: Gang Liu, Jie Zhou, K. Huang, Jurek Duczczyk

Abstract: A detailed analysis of metal flow through a porthole die to produce a rectangular hollow aluminium profile was performed by means of...


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