Microstructure and Dielectric Properties of Ba0.5Sr0.5TiO3 Ceramics by Spark Plasma Sintering


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Ba0.5Sr0.5TiO3 (BSTO) ceramics were synthesized by spark plasma sintering (SPS) technique. The phase compositions, microstructure and dielectric properties of BSTO ceramics were investigated. The results indicated that SPS was an alternative sintering technology to synthesize dense BSTO ferroelectric ceramics at low temperature and in a short period.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 368-372)

Edited by:

Wei Pan and Jianghong Gong






C. L. Xu and H. P. Zhou, "Microstructure and Dielectric Properties of Ba0.5Sr0.5TiO3 Ceramics by Spark Plasma Sintering", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 368-372, pp. 59-61, 2008

Online since:

February 2008




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