Wear and Corrosion Resistance of Ni-PTFE-SiO2 Composite Coating Deposited by Jet Electrodeposition


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Ni-PTFE/SiO2 composite coatings were prepared by jet electrodeposition. The influences of the particles contents and jet velocity on the properties of the composite coatings were studied. The morphology and microstructure of the coatings were observed on an S-2700 scanning electron microscopy. HX-1 microhardness tester was used to determine the hardness of the coatings. The deposition rate were determined by means of the coatings thickness. The adhesion strength was measured using a scratch tester. Wear resistance tests were performed using a pin-on-disc tribometer with the sample placed horizontally on a turning table. The corrosion behavior of the coatings immersed in 10% H2SO4 solution was analyzed using anodic polarization curve measurement. It was shown that the microhardness of the coatings increased with the increase of SiO2 content, while the addition of PTFE in the coatings resulted in better corrosion-resistant property. Enhancing the jet velocity made the coating compacter. Ni-PTFE-SiO2 composite coatings demonstrated superior wear resistance to Ni-PTFE or Ni-SiO2 coatings under the experimental conditions.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 373-374)

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M.K. Lei, X.P. Zhu, K.W. Xu and B.S. Xu




W. S. Lin et al., "Wear and Corrosion Resistance of Ni-PTFE-SiO2 Composite Coating Deposited by Jet Electrodeposition", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 373-374, pp. 597-600, 2008

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March 2008




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