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Authors: Bin Shi Xu
Abstract:Entering into the 21st century, remanufacturing engineering has been developed rapidly in China, Especially from 2005, lots of...
Authors: Lin Liu, Bo Qin Gu, Ye Chen
Abstract:Three kinds of coating materials, namely Cr2O3 ceramic, Al2O3-TiO2 ceramic and WC-Co cermet, were screened and sprayed on the surface of...
Authors: Ling Zhong Du, Wei Gang Zhang, Deng Jun Zhang, Bao Hou Li
Abstract:In order to improve the surface properties of the machine parts, the NiAl cladding Cr3C2 powder were flame and plasma sprayed. The...
Authors: Yong Xiong Chen, Bin Shi Xu, Xiu Bing Liang, Yi Xu
Abstract:A new type of composite coating (321—Al coating) was prepared by using the 321 austenitic stainless steel wire feed stock as the anode and...
Authors: Z.W. Huang, Zhong Guang Wang, Shi Jie Zhu, F.H. Yuan, F.G. Wang
Abstract:A cast nickel based superalloy M963 was coated by high-velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF) spraying process. The effect of HVOF MCrAlY coating on...
Authors: Z.X. Ding, Q. Wang, Zheng Lin Liu
Abstract:In the paper, nanostructured, multimodal and conventional WC-12Co cermet coatings were sprayed by HVOF and the properties and structures of...
Authors: Shu Xiang Song, Wei Zhi Yao, Zhang Jian Zhou, Wei Wei Cong, Yao Ma, Chang Chun Ge
Abstract:Tungsten has been decided as the plasma facing material (PFM) for some high heat flux regions of the divertor in the International...
Authors: Hua Ling Deng, Guang Long Li, Yun Jing Song, Shi Rong Xiao
Abstract:The CrB Particles Reinforced MMC Coating was prepared by using high velocity arc spraying (HVAS) method. Through a series of experiments,...
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