Experiment Study of Combining Micro EDM with USM


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Experiments of combining micro EDM with USM are carried out to enhance the machining ability and flexibility of the micro EDM, improve the machining state, and increase the productivity and aspect ratio of the micro holes. Basing on RC pulse power supply and workpiece vibration, the micro holes are drilled. The results of comparing experiments indicate that in the processes of both micro EDM without USM and micro EDM with USM, the machining velocity and the wear of the electrode increase with the increase of open voltage and loop capacitance. The experiment results of amplitude influencing on the machining process indicate that with the increase of ultrasonic amplitude, the machining velocity heightens and the aspect ratio of the micro holes augments; at the same time, however, the wear of the electrode and the extensive magnitude of the holes increase. Micro holes with some cross-section and accurate profile are drilled steadily.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 375-376)

Edited by:

Yingxue Yao, Xipeng Xu and Dunwen Zuo




B. X. Jia et al., "Experiment Study of Combining Micro EDM with USM", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 375-376, pp. 248-252, 2008

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March 2008




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[6] Fig. 10Micro holes machined by ultrasonic enhanced EDM.