Study on Mechanism of Vibration Cutting


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Research on the mechanism of vibration cutting was carried out by analyzing the process of vibration cutting and comparing the model of vibration cutting and conventional cutting. Proper speed coefficient k can help to reduce the average cutting force while increase the cutting efficiency according to the velocity and acceleration equation of vibration tool. Dynamic model of conventional cutting and vibration cutting were built respectively. Compared with conventional cutting, it’s easier for vibration cutting to realize productivity gain, high machining accuracy and good surface finish.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 375-376)

Edited by:

Yingxue Yao, Xipeng Xu and Dunwen Zuo




F. Q. Tong et al., "Study on Mechanism of Vibration Cutting", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 375-376, pp. 42-46, 2008

Online since:

March 2008




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