Design of Rapid Powder Switch in Laser Cladding Rapid Manufacturing


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According to lateral powder system due to gravity, the controllable rapid powder switch is first tried based on the principle that air pressure can change the direction of power. Then, three kinds of modified schemes are provided based on the experiment to remedy the lack of first try. Finally, one scheme is selected and realized, which can solve the problem of synchronization of laser and powder, and advance powder utilization factor.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 375-376)

Edited by:

Yingxue Yao, Xipeng Xu and Dunwen Zuo




M. Wang et al., "Design of Rapid Powder Switch in Laser Cladding Rapid Manufacturing", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 375-376, pp. 686-689, 2008

Online since:

March 2008




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